News from South Africa: An Interview with Chuma Himonga

Published on:18 November at 12:00AM

During last month’s Second Team Meeting, we had the chance to interview several collaborators to the Legitimus Project. Last week, we published an interview we conducted with young researcher Fatima Osman, who described her research project and gave her impressions concerning her field work. Today we publish an interview with prof. Chuma Himonga (University of Cape Town), the director of Fatima Osman’s research group.

Indigenous Perspectives: Sipho Malhangu and Jacob Mashishi

Published on:16 November at 02:00PM

Our interview with Sipho Malhangu and Jacob Mashishi from the National House of Traditional Leaders is the second of a series named “Indigenous Perspectives”. This series aim to offer to our Indigenous partners the opportunity to talk about one or several topics. The first interview was conducted in French and can be watched on the French version of Legitimus.ca.

Indigenous Perspectives: An Interview with Raphaël Mapou

Published on:13 November at 11:00AM

Mr. Raphaël Mapou is an important Kanak partner of the Legitimus project, and the first to express himself in a series of interviews titled “Indigenous Perspectives”. These short interviews aimed to offer to our Indigenous partners the opportunity to talk about one or several topics. They were conducted during the Second Team Meeting, held in Montreal last October.

On the relevance of field work: an interview with Fatima Osman

Published on:09 November at 02:00PM

Mrs. Fatima Osman a junior researcher and a member of the research group directed by prof. Chuma Himonga agreed to share with us a few words about her research project and field work. This is the second interview conducted during the last Second Team Meeting held in Montreal. 

News from the Integration Group: An Interview with Sophie Thériault

Published on:09 November at 12:00AM

During the Second Team Meeting, which was held in Montreal (Canada) last October, the Integration Group presented its first reports. Members of the committee spent a considerable amount of time analyzing data gathered by all research groups participating to the Legitimus project. They produced three reports under three themes: Justice, Family and Land.

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