the state and indigenous legal cultures: law in search of legitimacy

About us

Why Legitimus?

This Latin word means both “according to law” and “in accordance with accepted rules”. We chose it as the official nickname for the project because to us, it reconciles state and indigenous perspectives on law in one powerful keyword.

Our mission

The legitimacy of the law is key to the sustainability to the social fabric because it fosters an active feeling of respect in social and legal relations instead of a feeling of constrained obedience. Maintaining social ties is at stake because consent to the law is consent to a social project. This partnership project will help to better understand the manifestations, causes and consequences of conflicts of normative legitimacy between Indigenous and state legal orders and to identify new processes to manage these conflicts.

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Professor Ghislain Otis describes the project:

News and updates

Last team meeting “The State and Indigenous Legal Cultures: Reform and Innovation in the Management of Legal Pluralism” at the University of Ottawa – June 17th to 19th, 2019
16 June at 06:00PM
Professor. Ghislain Otis will be receiving collaborators and partners for a final team meeting for the Legitimus project. The meeting “The State...
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Conference “ La pratique du droit autochtone ” – March 22, 2019 – FTX135
07 March at 09:56AM
Ghislain Otis, holder of the Canada Research Chair in Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples is pleased to welcome Me Charlotte Chicoine-Wilson w...
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International Conference “Conflict Resolution and Customary Law” at Babeş-Boylai University
07 March at 09:28AM
Professor Sergiu Mişcoiu will host Ghislain Otis, holder of the Canada Research Chair in Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples, during the inter...
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