the state and indigenous legal cultures: law in search of legitimacy

Dr. Teleiai Lalotoa Mulitalo Seumanutafa performs a traditional dance

Author: Research Chair on Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples
Published on:08 September at 08:25AM

Dr. Teleiai Lalotoa Mulitalo Seumanutafa undertook a short-term visiting fellowship at the University of Queensland funded mainly by the Legitimus Project. The purpose of the visit was to convert her PhD thesis: “The consequences of legal pluralism for law reform in the South Pacific” into a book, which was published in 2018. Dr. Mulitalo returned to the University of Queensland in 2017 to launch a related work: “Legislative Drafting in the Pacific Context.” At the launch, she performed a traditional dance in Samoan dress.

Revue générale de droit publishes a thematic issue linked to Legitimus Project

Author:Research Chair on Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples
Published on:05 August at 10:15PM

The Volume 48, no. 1 from Revue générale de droit is almost entirely dedicated to researchers from project Legitimus: “The State and Indigenous Legal Cultures: Law in Search of Legitimacy”.

After a brief introduction, Ghislain Otis writes: “La production du droit autochtone: comportement, commandement, enseignement “. Followed by a collaborative article from Mylène Jaccoud, Marie-Ève Sylvestre, Anne Founier, Christian Coocoo, Marie-André Denis-Boileau and Marie-Claude Barbeau-Leduc titled : “ Le pluralisme juridique en contexte atikemekw nehirowisiw dans le secteur pénal et la protection de la jeunesse “. Sébastien Grammond and Christiane Guay publish : “ L’interaction entre le droit innu et le droit québécois de l’adoption “. The next article: “Porcupine and Other Stories: Legal Relations in Secwépencúlecw “ is from Hadley Friedland, Bonnie Leonard, Jessica Asch and Kelly Mortimer. The last piece : “ De facto, non de jure ou De facto, hoc de jure? Incursions dans la pratique de l’interaction entre le droit étatique et le droit coutumier rom en Roumanie “ is written by the co-investigator from the Romania project, Sergiu Mişcoiu and Laura Maria Herţa.

These articles are the result of research work conducted on the Legitimus project directed by Canada Research Chair on Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples.


Raphaël Mapou defends his doctoral thesis

Author: Research Chair on Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples
Published on:29 July at 10:00PM

Raphaël Mapou, a researcher from the Pacific team of the Legitimus Group, defended his doctoral thesis in the presence his thesis director, François Féral, a member of the Legitimus group as well. Amongst the jury was Géraldine Giraudeau from the Université de Perpignan Via Domitia, Tamatoa Bambridge from the University of Polynesia and Ghislain Otis from the University of Ottawa.


Anne-Lise Madinier receives the medal from Barreau de Paris for the school year 2017-2018

Author:Research Chair on Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples
Published on:05 July at 08:05PM

Ms. Anne-Lise Madinier will receive the medal from Barreau de Paris for her research in law. Her doctoral thesis entitled: « Le droit positif en Nouvelle-Calédonie face à la revendication autochtone » was written under the supervision of Professor Ghislain Otis (University of Ottawa) and Professor François François Féral (University of Perpignan Via Domitia). The thesis was carried out as part of the work of the Pacific team working in New Caledonia.


Ghislain Otis participates at an international symposium on territorial challenges facing the Pacific in New Caledonia

Author: Chaire de recherche du Canada sur la diversité juridique et les peuples autochtones
Published on:05 July at 03:49PM


Mr. Ghislain Otis presented his conference: « L’enjeu territorial autochtone » at an international symposium at the Laboratoire de Recherche Juridique et Économique at the University of New Caledonia on July 4, 2018. Prior to his conference, a collaborator of the Research Chair on Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples, Mr. François Féral, Professor Emeritus at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia, presented his conference titled: « Les territoires marins et les droits des populations fragiles ».


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