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News from Bordeaux: An interview with Daniel Lopes

Published on:23 November at 07:00AM

We have been publishing interviews conducted during the Second Team Meeting (held in Montreal last October) for a few weeks now. Today, we are introducing an interview with Daniel Lopes, coordinator and young researcher in the research group of the University of Bordeaux.

Earlier this week, you heard prof. Chuma Himonga describe the advancement of her group’s sub-projects, which focus on customary law in South Africa. The Bordeaux group is also part of the big Africa group, and has one of the biggest teams of the Legitimus project, with about fifteen researchers.

In his interview, Daniel Lopes describes his group’s sub-projects, and explains how they are organized around common themes. He also details the accomplishments of their research team, and outlines the challenges they were faced with. Finally, recounting an activity that was organized in an elementary school, he addresses one of the most important objectives of his group; making their findings accessible.

In the last few months, prof. Fabrice Hourquebie left the direction of the research groupe and was replaced by PhD student Pauline Gervier. She offered a remarkable presentation about her team’s sub-projects during the meeting. Excepts from this communication will be made available on Legitimus.ca in the future. In the meantime, you can watch the interview with Mr. Lopes below. It is only available in French.

To learn more about the Bodeaux group, click here, and please follow our YouTube chain if you do not want to miss our upcoming videos! 


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