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Forum on Atikamekw Governance and Law - 26th and 27th of October 2018

Published on:03 October at 12:00PM
Author:Research Chair on Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples


Searchers and experts from the Legitimus project will be present during this event. Amongst the participants are Christiane Guay from the Université de Québec en Outaouais (UQO), Mylène Larivière from Makivik, Geneviève Motard from Laval University, Sylvie Poirier from Laval University, Pierrot Ross-Tremblay from Laurentienne University and Nadine Vollant from Uiuashitun and the director of the Legitimus project, Ghislain Otis, from the University of Ottawa.

The Forum was put in place to share results of research directed during the partnership between the Canada Research Chair in Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples and the Atikamekw Nation Council. The goal of this collaboration was to reinforce the Atikmekw nation's governance on matters of domestic violence and child protection.

To document the Atikamekw's knowledge and traditions, 118 interviews were conducted with participants and interveners of the three Atikamekw communities and the surrounding urban areas. These interviews are an essential key for searchers to understand and determine legal basis of the Atikamekw law.

Thus, the objective of this gathering is to share results and understandings on the matter and to situate the contribution of this research amongst the entirety of the research conducted on the judicial Atikamekw traditions in different areas of interest of the nation (family, child welfare, justice, territory).

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