the state and indigenous legal cultures: law in search of legitimacy
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International Conference of the Commission on Legal Pluralism

Published on:05 January at 04:00PM
Author:Chaire de recherche du Canada sur la diversité juridique et les peuples autochtones

From 14th to 16th of December, prof. Ghislain Otis and prof. Jennifer Corrin attended the International Conference of the Commission on Legal Pluralism. Held at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, the conference focused this year on emerging areas that have gained momentum due to globalization, the emergence of ‘knowledge economies’, and the evolution of high-tech capitalism. 

Entitled "Normative Interfaces of Globalization and High-Tech Capitalism: Legal Pluralism and the Neo-Liberal Turn", the conference also addressed several themes directly linked to Legitimus' sub-projects: conflicts over property, land and natural resources, governance, human rights, etc. 

Prof. Jennifer Corrin was the Chair of two panels entitled "Legal pluralism and multiple legal orders", and participated in a third with a talk titled "An embarrassment of riches: Options for dispute resolution in Solomon Islands".

In his presentation entitled "Indigenous peoples and choice of personal law under modern treaties in Canada: is fair competition between legal orders possible?", Professor Otis informed the audience about the situation in Canada of how State law and modern treaties apply.

You can download the program of the event below. 


International Conference of the Commission on Legal Pluralism PDF
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