the state and indigenous legal cultures: law in search of legitimacy

Mylène Larivière

Mylène Larivière

Mrs Larivière is a Legal Advisor of the Makivik Corporation in its litigation Silverstone, Larivière, Dorval, Godin.  Since 2002, Mrs. Larivière represents the interests of the Nunavik Inuit in the implementation of the "James Bay Convention and Northern Québec Agreement" or "JBNQA" modern treaty of 1975 as the " Nunavik Inuit Land Claims Agreement " (2006). She works on behalf of Makivik Corporation especially in issues affecting non-renewable resource management and protecting the right of exploitation of the Nunavik Inuit; the creation of parks and protected areas in Nunavik; the system of land categories I, II and III and the role of Inuit landholding corporations; revising sections of the JBNQA such as negotiating additional agreements to the Treaty; the implementation of the "Residential Schools Settlement - Indian Residential Schools" (2007); etc.

 From the beginning of the Inuit customary adoption dossier, Mrs. Larivière, a member of the Inuit party participated actively in the "Working Group on Customary Adoption in Aboriginal Community" set up by the Quebec government and that has made special recommendations in April 2012. She continues to coordinate the work and consultations by the Inuit communities to achieve a full recognition, in facts and rights, the effects of customary adoption as practiced by the Inuit of Nunavik. Indeed, the Makivik Corporation, a non-profit organization representing the beneficiaries of the JBNQA, has become through the years a leading organization in the search for full recognition in the Quebec statutory law of effects of customary rights of indigenous adoption.


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