the state and indigenous legal cultures: law in search of legitimacy

About us

Why Legitimus?

This Latin word means both “according to law” and “in accordance with accepted rules”. We chose it as the official nickname for the project because to us, it reconciles state and indigenous perspectives on law in one powerful keyword.

Our mission

The legitimacy of the law is key to the sustainability to the social fabric because it fosters an active feeling of respect in social and legal relations instead of a feeling of constrained obedience. Maintaining social ties is at stake because consent to the law is consent to a social project. This partnership project will help to better understand the manifestations, causes and consequences of conflicts of normative legitimacy between Aboriginal and state legal orders and to identify new processes to manage these conflicts.

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Professor Ghislain Otis describes the project:

News and updates

The third Pasifika Law and Culture Conference
20 July at 09:00AM
The third Pasifika Law and Culture Conference was held at Victoria University of Welling in Australia from the 4th to the 6th of July.
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Dr. Hadley Friedland Awarded Governor General’s Gold Medal
29 June at 10:05AM
On June 8th, Governor General’s Gold Medal recognizes Dr. Hadley Friedland with the highest academic standing.
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Reform of Customary Marriage, Divorce and Succession in South Africa: Living Customary Law and Social Realities.
12 June at 03:13PM
Professor Chuma Himonga the coinvestigator leading the South Africa team involved in the SSHRC partnership project, with her colleague Elena More wrot...
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International Conference of the Commission on Legal Pluralism
05 January at 04:00PM
From 14th to 16th of December, prof. Ghislain Otis and prof. Jennifer Corrin attended the International Conference of the Commission on Legal Pluralis...
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